About the founder Dr Samintharaj Kumar

ORASYL is the brainchild of Dr Samintharaj Kumar, a practicing dental surgeon, also trained as a medical doctor. Dr Kumar heads Singapore's dental chain Nuffield Dental which has Clinics situated all around Singapore and Nuffield Medical with branches located at Siglap and Orchard.


ORASYL products are conceptualised and designed by Dr Kumar, and manufactured in Singapore.

How it all began

ORASYL was formulated by Dr Samintharaj Kumar during the lockdown. At that time, Dr Kumar was inspired to create a daily-use anti-bacterial and antiviral rinse solution which could be used by everyone; not solely in the medical or dental environment. He envisioned such mouthwashes having great importance during any form of travel and when in prolonged close contact environments such as offices and work places.


Together with vaccinations and mask wearing, ORASYL products help lessen community spread and protects us from spreading illnesses.

The idea behind

ORASYL was formulated to contain as little ingredients as possible. Both ORASYL  Orange and ORASYL Green have a pleasant mint flavour which helps maintain oral health, protects us from illnesses, keep your breath fresh, and importantly does not stain teeth or your tongue.

No dilution is required, simply pour and gargle.


What is ORASYL Orange?

ORASYL Orange is a specially formulated anti-viral & anti-bacterial mouthwash that contains the active ingredient 1% Povidone-Iodine.

ORASYL  ORANGE is highly relevant during pandemic times due to its antimicrobial abilities. It is safe and suitable for long term use.


What is ORASYL Green?

ORASYL Green is formulated with active ingredient 0.2% Chlorhexidine Digluconate. It is antiseptic & antibacterial, suitable for everyday use for dental health and oral hygiene.

It stabilises mouth pH and reduces dry mouth syndrome.